“Love brings self-confidence”: 7 quotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama at TED2015

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Dalai Lama in conversation with Chris Anderson. Dalai Lama in conversation with Chris Anderson.

On the final day of TED2015, Curator Chris Anderson reveals an exclusive video conversation between him and his Holiness the Dalai Lama, filmed in Vancouver in October 2014. In their talk, the Dalai Lama speaks about two kinds of happiness, how all humans can coexist, and the cooperation between science and Buddhism. And most important, that he is extremely hopeful about peace in the next century. Here are seven quotes we loved from him:

1. “Our very existence is very much based on hope.”

2. “Love brings self-confidence. Anger brings fear.”

3. “Real gun control must take place here [in the heart].”

4. “We are social animals. My future depends on [others]. Their suffering is ultimately your suffering.”

5. “In all major world religious traditions, their real message is same: the message of love.”

6. “The scientific way is the best way.”

7. “We…

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Passion and Consequence: The inspiring talks in Session 11 of TED2015

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Chris Burkard speaks at TED2015 - Truth and Dare, Session 11. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED Cold-water surf photographer Chris Burkard shares the joy of being really, really, really cold. Photo: Bret Hartman/TED

Passion. It is that thing that we crave, that thing which pushes us forward. In this session, speakers with passion to spare:

Surfing in the ice. “If shivering is a form of meditation, then I consider myself a monk,” says Chris Burkard, before playing a soaring video that shows him surfing waves amidst snowfall and ice drifts, with white-topped mountain peaks in the background. See, Chris Burkard is a surf photographer who found himself burnt out on tropical locations. “I began craving wild open spaces,” he says, “so I set out to find the places people had written off as too cold, too remote, too dangerous to surf.” Getting to these remote locations? Well, that’s half the fun. Only a third of the earth’s oceans are warm, he points out, showing…

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Nestlé desarrolla fábrica modular ‘low cost’ para países en vías de desarrollo

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nestle fabrica modular low cost

Nestlé creó un nuevo concepto de fábrica modular que puede construirse en la mitad del tiempo y con una reducción de costes de entre el 50% y el 60% en comparación con una planta tradicional. Fábricas pensadas para países en vías de desarrollo, bienvenidos al concepto ‘fábricas low cost’.

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David Kelley on the need for creative confidence

Creative confidence by David & Tom Kelley

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In 2012, IDEO founder and longtime Stanford professor David Kelley took the TED stage in Long Beach and shared a deeply personal story. It was the tale of his own cancer diagnosis, of finding a lump in his neck and being told he had a 40% chance of survival. This was clearly a sobering moment, but he wasn’t sharing the story to seek our sympathy. [ted_talkteaser id=1449]Rather, he wanted to talk about his resulting epiphany. “While you’re waiting for your turn to get the gamma rays, you think of a lot of things,” he said drily. “I thought a lot about: ‘What was I put on earth to do? What was my calling? What should I do?'”

His conclusion: “The thing I most wanted to do was to help as many people as possible regain the creative confidence they lost along their way.” And that’s what he’s done through his…

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Generation Me

Generation Me??

Aceite de vibora

Este es el video que sigue al que puse el otro día. En este video el profesor Michael Wesch continua con su experimento, esta vez con alumnos de varias universidades.

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Como se inicio LEGO

★ @FelipeNeriMKT ★

Me topé con este video sobre la historia de LEGO, sobre como el carpintero Ole Kirk Kristiansen la fundó en 1932.


Verás los inicios de la juguetería con juguetes hechos de madera hasta la fabricación de los ladrillos LEGO de plástico  la creación del nombre LEGO y su significado (LEGO es la abreviatura de dos palabras danesas: “leg godt”,cuyo significado es “jugar bien”), incendios en fabrica, y como en muchas empresas, la historia familiar tras de ella.

Asimismo vemos a una mente creativa en Ole Kirk Kristiansen, que a pesar de ser brillante no era bueno para vender su propio producto pero por la situación por la que atravesaba tuvo que superarlo.

Vale la pena ver este video, que en mi opinión, ayuda a motivar a todo emprendedor.

El creador de LEGO nos enseña la perseverancia para mantener nuestros sueños en pie a pesar de las circunstancias.

“La compañía pasó de padre…

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Canvas Business Model para “El Bagual”

Es impresionante lo que puede hacer canvas business model en cualquier tipo de proyecto. Su simplicidad hace que sea muy fácil iterar e ir modelando nuevas ideas.

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas


Junto a mis amigos de El Bagual lo pasamos muy bien iterando sobre su proyecto en cada uno de los building blocks que fuimos elaborando, poniendo foco en las personas y teniendo en mente mejorar la experiencia de consumo.

Junto a Felipe trabajando con canvas para mejorar su modelo de negocio

Junto a Felipe trabajando con canvas para mejorar su modelo de negocio


Felicitaciones para “El Bagual”… seguiremos iterando!!

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Tecnología para mejorar experiencia de compra en restaurants

Excelente para pequeños restaurants!


Last March, mobile-payments pioneer Square introduced a free iPad app it called Square Register. The software let small businesses accept payments (via Square’s tiny credit-card swiper or its Square Wallet app for iPhone and Android), ring up orders and keep track of product sales. Now Square is introducing a hardware bundle it’s calling Business in a Box. And the basic idea is to turn the Square Register app into a real cash register for the iPad era.

[image] Square Business in a Box

For $299, you get two Square Readers and two third-party products: Heckler Designs’ WindFall, a swiveling, securable iPad stand for use in retail environments, and APG’s Vasario 1616, a cash drawer which can be controlled from the iPad. A $599 version includes a Star Micronics thermal printer for printing receipts. Both versions are available direct from Square, and with either, you supply your own iPad.

Everything in the…

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En el congelado Madison presentando nuestra innovación!

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The art and the science of persuasion (Video)

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“We differ, we encounter the other view, we assess our own view again, we are absorbed into the exchange and we discover a new union of views and of parties”, — G.Myerson

Some Principles about how persuasion works.

Albert García Ordóñez

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